Covid-19 update Business as usual - We are trying to keep Britain moving . Please ensure that all deliveries and collection points are open so we can ensure our depots are not stuck with goods.
Covid-19 update Business as usual - We are trying to keep Britain moving . Please ensure that all deliveries and collection points are open so we can ensure our depots are not stuck with goods. 

Cheap Engine & Gearbox Deliveries . 

We Collect and deliver your Car parts from Engines to Seats , For a cheap quote today click on the Link below . any questions about over sized pallets

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  Steps that would need to be taken to ensure the safety and security when arranging engine          Pallet Delivery 

  Firstly we would require the engine to be clean and all liquids (including water) to be drained        from the engine before collection. Leakage would need to be prevented this can be done by          wrapping the engine in an absorbent material such as carpet or a rug.

 The engine will need to be placed centrally on the pallet, wrapped and strapped or banded to       secure it to the pallet using ratchet straps ensuring the engine is fixed safely and securely of         your goods. 

  We would recommend that there is  excess around the pallet incase of any movement whilst in    transit. This will also prevent the engine from overhanging, should the engine overhang you will    or charged for another pallet space.

 As part of the pallet delivery we will require the engine to be stabilised to prevent this from   tipping and moving. By stabilising the engine, this will help to prevent damage.


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